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As an employer, you want to:

  • Hire dedicated, well-informed professional counselors
  • Be able to quickly identify those potential employees who have undergone a review of their qualifications
  • Have assurance that your employees are remaining current with professional developments
  • Have clear, enforceable national conduct standards
  • Be able to assure potential clients that they have options when expressing concerns about a counselor’s conduct

NBCC helps you achieve these goals. In order to become board certified, National Certified Counselors (NCCs) voluntarily meet national standards in education, experience and conduct. To maintain their board certification status, National Certified Counselors (NCCs) must satisfy NBCC requirements, including the completion of continuing education requirements and adherence to ethical standards. You can easily review the ethical standards of board certified Counselors through our innovative and interactive Code of Ethics. NBCC also provides standards for counselors who provide distance professional services.

NBCC has developed resources you can use to find and vet qualified candidates:

Locate a Counselor who is Board Certified by NBCC
Discover a Counselor’s board certification status
Learn about board certified Counselor’s required conduct and how concerns are reviewed
Read about the continuing education board certified Counselors are required to complete
Recognize specialty certifications offered by NBCC
Understand the difference between board certification and state licensure

Why Should I Hire NCCs?

  • NCCs must follow specific conduct requirements as identified in NBCC’s enforceable Code of Ethics.
  • NBCC’s Ethics Case Procedures describes the procedures which represent a resource for employers to address concerns about applicants or certificants.
  • NCCs must complete verified continuing education in order to maintain their certification.
  • Employing NCCs demonstrates a commitment to providing access for your clients to those professionals who meet high standards for professional counseling.
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